The Masculine Woman’s War on Gender Roles

(Note: This is an edited version of a sequence of two comments I posted on Reddit.)

It seems that two of the major goals of feminism are (1) to pressure women to be more like men, and (2) to make women less dependent on men even if they would be happier if they were dependent in some way, such as financially. If the objective of feminism was to empower women to make any choice they desire, then the feminists wouldn’t spend so much time and energy leveling social pressure against women who decide by their own free will to follow traditional gender roles, by acting like they’re unsophisticated airheads with nothing to offer to the world, brainwashed victims to be pitied, and so on. It’s quite a revelation to realize that many manifestations of feminism aren’t about giving women the freedom to make whatever peaceful choices they want, but rather employing underhanded tactics to systematically convert women into poor versions of men. They’ve mastered the Dark Arts tactic of coming off as compassionate when they’re really just attempting to shove their toxic ideology down other’s throats. When they say that it’s sad that certain populations of women are still controlled by the patriarchy (e.g., Japanese women), their actual meaning is that they’re frustrated that such women have used their free choice to remain within comparatively traditional social arrangements.

I think above all the objective of the modern form of Western feminism is to make it more tolerable to exist within society as a woman who has nothing of value to provide that’s traditionally seen as feminine. Women who are young, attractive, and alluring are rarely feminists. Why would they need to battle the patriarchy when they already wield intense social power over plenty of high-status men, due to their value as women? Not to be unnecessarily offensive, but imagine being an ugly overweight woman with an above-average IQ. The traditional order hasĀ literally no use for you, as you’re not fit for positions of explicit power (because you’re biologically female and thus barred from such enterprises by default within the traditional order of Western Civilization), and you’re also not fit for positions of implicit power (as you’re practically speaking not seen as an alluring woman by powerful men looking for women to impress and enter mutually satisfying relationships with, whether purely sexual or for the sake of producing a family). You have nothing, essentially. With so many women like this appearing in recent years (due to major health decline in the form of hormonal disaster and so forth), a significant portion of the female population has gone into a frenzy trying to make sure that without access to the traditional feminine forms of power, they can still have influence and they can still matter. They’ve failed the endeavor of being a woman, so they have to make it socially acceptable, or better yet systematically encouraged, for women to act like men.

Women can’t fill the role of a man as well as they would be able to if they were actually biologically male (just as men can’t fill the role of a woman as they could if they were actually female). Women who act like men will by and large lose to actual men in classically male-dominated fields, and furthermore they’ll by and large lose to women who act like women within the sphere of traditional female roles. The only way for these pathologically masculine women to compete is for them to artificially push men down by demonizing masculinity, characterizing the competitive instinct as tyrannical, and so forth, and then artificially push the feminine women out of the picture by pressuring them into abandoning their feminine behavior. In other words, the issue that the feminists have with men acting masculine and women acting feminine is thatĀ they’ll get crushed by them every single time on an even playing field. Masculine men would have come out on top in their high-powered careers, and feminine women would wipe the floor with them in the dating market, the marriage institution, and so on. They can’t win on even terms, so they try to eliminate their competition with Dark Arts.