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The Diseases of Civilization

Two Types of Cures

If I told you that we already know what causes cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autism, and many of the other bodily and neurological diseases that plague civilization, and therefore not only how to usually prevent them but in many cases even cure them, you’d be forgiven for assuming that I must be deluded, that I must be a quack, a crank, a charlatan. Surely I know nothing of the greatness of Modern Science, and have been led astray by the pseudoscience of Alternative Health. With many billions of dollars allocated toward cutting-edge medical research, and many of the best minds in the world working tirelessly on the problems, it’s absurd to suggest that a loosely organized group of amateurs on the Internet have come up with cures where so many brilliant scientists have fallen flat on their face. To believe that I have the answers can be evidence for nothing more than a sort of arbitrary arrogance, and my methods of thinking about these topics must be more akin to religious faith than to anything that could be considered scientific analysis.

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Don’t Cheat Your Way to High-Level Listening Comprehension

(Note: This is an edited version of a post that I originally put here and here. Both of those threads include useful discussions and important clarifications.)

A YouTuber named MattVSJapan once mentioned that reading a lot can be a highly effective method for improving one’s listening comprehension, but that it’s ultimately a bad way of doing so, at least if your goal is to end up with a native-like accent.

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