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The Role of Meditation in Language Learning

(Note: See here for sometimes heated but often insightful discussion on this post.)

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools available for the language-learning journey, and could be considered at the very foundation of a proper method for acquiring a foreign language. But it’s a deep endeavor in and of itself, and needs to be practiced with a bit of dedication before the effects become clear.

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Blacks: Their Use in American Politics

(Note: This is an edited version of a post I originally submitted to r/DarkEnlightenment. It’s also in effect an updated version of my article Blacks: A Centerpiece of American Politics.)

Why are blacks so much at the center of American politics, when they’re only around 15% of the population? Although the ideologically possessed may say that African Americans are actually marginalized in the United States (despite being coddled ad nauseum), and the blindly optimistic might say that it’s because they’re important members of our country that deserve attention and respect, the truth is much more impersonal. Zooming out from the perspective of individual feelings, and thinking on the level of collective action, we can see that there are certain parasitic governmental forces which have discovered through the process of sociological evolution a method for using blacks in a powerful vote-farming scheme. Blacks are at the center of American politics not because they’re important as people, but because they’re being used as pawns by the State.

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The Degeneration/Regeneration Cycle

To begin, I want to point out that there’s a difference between the subjective feeling of energy, and the objective state of the body. It’s easily possible for one person to be in a far more favorable physical state when it comes to the depth of their nutrient reserves, the integrity of their internal organs, the quality of their sleep the night before, and so forth, but to be experiencing less of a present feeling of energy than another person, perhaps because the former individual is sitting in a classroom listening to a monotone lecture by a boring professor, and the latter is drinking coffee while having a lively conversation with a friend. And this dynamic can also be observed within a single individual: If the person listening to the boring lecture walks out of the room, grabs a cup of coffee, and then gets a call from a friend who has something interesting to tell them, suddenly they might be feeling much more focus, enthusiasm, etc., even though the physical state of their body didn’t change.

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The Sociological Significance of Cancer

(Note: This is an edited version of an article I originally posted on r/AlternativeHealth.)

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2012. Fortunately the only medical intervention that was immediately required was a quick surgery, but I was told by the oncologist that I was facing a 20% chance of relapse (which would mean that I would have to undergo chemotherapy), along with a 5% chance of coming down with cancer in the other testicle at some point in the future (which would lead to infertility and would make it so I would have to use hormone replacement therapy for the rest of my life). After I internalized the danger that I was in, I asked for information about what causes testicular cancer in particular and cancer in general, so I could try to fix my health and avoid the disasters that were potentially looming on my horizon. But of course I was met with a response that’s familiar to anyone interested in alternative health that has gone to a mainstream doctor: The doctor told me that nobody know anything of significance about the causation, that it would just stress me out to try to do anything about it, and that I should simply get periodic scans and blood tests, in order to catch any possible problem as early as possible.

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Throw Away the Map at Your Peril

(Note: This is an edited version of a comment I originally posted on Reddit.)

One’s psychology is a labyrinth that must be navigated with wisdom in order to achieve life satisfaction, and different types of people have built into their minds (in part by the process of biological evolution and in part by the circumstances of their upbringing and environment) different patterns of corridors, stairwells, and so forth that they must contend with. Humans are similar enough to each other that it’s in many situations possible to use the wrong map, as it were, and still progress toward one’s destination without fatal catastrophe. But that surely doesn’t mean it’s optimal, or anywhere close to it. The concepts of masculinity and femininity are ever-evolving maps for how to most effectively navigate the complexities of one’s psychology, in the former case as a conscious being who happened to be born into the body of a human male, and in the latter case as a sentience who by cosmic chance ended up occupying the body of a human female.

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